California Driver License
Helps new drivers understand the requirements and responsibilities of obtaining and keeping a license to drive. It covers the application process, restrictions for provisional drivers, the behind the wheel test, insurance requirements, actions that can be taken against provisional drivers and driving under the influence. 

Rules of Roads
Helps remind drivers about the requirements and responsibilities of being a safe driver. It covers lane markings, road signs, speed limits, intersection rules, lane changes, turns, rights-of-way, parking, passing and much more.

​Instant Student Licensing Program (ISLP) - Now you don't have to wait to get behind the wheel!

​Once you're old enough to drive, you can't wait to take the wheel—and the Instant Student License Program (ISLP) is your express lane to the driver's seat!

ISLP is an integrated online driver education/driver training program that combines driver training ("behind-the-wheel") with online driver education to get student drivers into a vehicle as quickly as possible. (The "old way" makes students complete all of their required driver education and go to the DMV to get their permit before they can drive.)

Simply register for ISLP online and get started right away. After you've completed the first segment of the driver education course, you'll contact the driving school and start driving!


Although taking Driver Education in the classroom can be a positive learning experience, we realize that parents and teens have very busy schedules. Without compromising quality of education, our Safety Driver's Ed online program for California will provide you the following benefits:

  • No long hours in a physical classroom.
  • Study for your Learner's Permit and California Driver's License from the convenience of your own home and at your own pace.
  • Quit your session anytime and when you return, you'll start right where you left off.
  • Take the final exam as many times as needed, until you pass.​


Start Smart program is a driver safety education class which targets new and future licensed teenage drivers between the age of 15 - 19 and their parents/guardians. 

The Start Smart Class - Learn to be Safe on the Road

Drivers Education is classroom instruction that the DMV requires you to take if you are between the ages of 15 1/2 through 18 years of age. It enables eligibility to take a written test, to acquire a driving permit.  This can used for adults or minors, the student will spend 30 hours in a classroom environment learning the laws and rules of the road. Each class covers a wide range of driving topics. Classes run all day on Saturday or Sunday, 4 consecutive weekends.   During summer or other school breaks classes are held on weekdays, Monday through Thursday, 4 consecutive days.



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Videos from the DMV to Help You Study

The California DMV has produced many videos to help new drivers understand driving rules and regulations. We’ve included some of the best below:

Sharing the Road
Helps remind drivers about the requirements and responsibilities of being a safe driver. It covers cooperative driving, risk management, blind spots, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, light-rail vehicles, accidents, vehicle maintenance and driving in inclement weather. 

If you are over 17 ½ but under 18 years of age, you may get your permit without the driver education and driver training certificates however, you will not be able to take the driving test until you turn 18.

Online Drivers Ed

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